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Always Been Yours Chapter 897

Always Been Yours (Tessa and Nicholas)

Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Milan Trip

“These paintings are so beautiful, Mommy.” Gregory happily tugged Tessa and shared his thoughts with her softly.

Tessa gained a lot from looking at the paintings too, since these masterpieces could always give the best inspiration to people.

On the other hand, Nicholas stayed beside the both of them quietly while protecting Tessa from bumping into other tourists.

After they finished looking around in the Palazzo Brera, it was already around noon.

Nicholas then brought Tessa and Gregory to a local specialty restaurant in Milan, and the family had a good lunch together.

It was most probably because the local dishes here matched Gregory’s taste. His stomach was turning round after eating.

“Mommy, I’m so full.” He looked at Tessa pitifully.

Looking at him, she didn’t know whether to be angry or laugh. “I asked you not to finish it if you can’t. Look, you’re too full now.” Although she said that, she still reached out her hand to rub the little guy’s tummy.

Nicholas was laughing too. He asked the waiter to help them buy a box of digestive pills for the child.

In the afternoon, after resting for a while, they went to the next tourist spot—Milan Cathedral. It was located in the city’s main plaza, with countless tourists visiting it every day. There were also a lot of doves at the plaza.

“Mommy, look! Dove!” Gregory pointed at the space in the plaza and shouted excitedly.

Tessa could see his desire through his eyes, so she said with a smile, “Should we go feed them?”

“Yes! Yes!” The little guy was so excited that he started clapping.

On the other hand, Nicholas followed behind them affectionately.

Listening to their joyous laughter, he felt as though he was infected by them, and a mere smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

His smile, along with his good-looking features, caught the eyeballs of the tourists around him.

Of course, he noticed the gazes from all around him as well, but he was not bothered by them. He took out his phone and took several photos of Tessa and Gregory having fun.

For the next two days, the three of them visited all the famous tourist spots around Milan. Gregory had a lot of fun, and Tess also felt that days like these were blissful.

After two days of traveling around, Nicholas brought Tessa to a private clubhouse in the afternoon.

In the private room, there was a good-looking man and a pretty woman seated at the table. They had the unique Milanese look and were dressed up extraordinarily, showing off their gentle and elegant aura.

“Long time no see, Nicholas.” When the man saw Nicholas, he went up and hugged Nicholas passionately.

Noticing that, Tessa stood aside virtuously.

After he hugged Nicholas, he noticed Tessa, who was standing at the side. “Is this your girlfriend? She’s really beautiful.”

“She’s my wife, Tessa.” Nicholas pulled Tessa into his arms and introduced the man to Tessa, “This is Warner, the founder of the internationally famous clothing brand, H&G.”

Elegantly, Tessa nodded and greeted him. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Warner.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Warner answered with a nod and held his wife, introducing her. “This is my wife, Linville.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Tessa,” Linville took the initiative to greet Tessa.

Tessa replied to her with a nod too.

After getting to know each other, the four of them talked while having lunch together.

Warner and Nicholas were talking about work while Linville and Tessa were chatting. The atmosphere in the room was very harmonious.

After Nicholas had finished talking about business, he suddenly remembered that he had promised Tessa to bring her to see the fashion show before this. So, he asked Warner, with a smile, “There’s a fashion week in Milan these days. Your company is in charge of it, right?”

“Ya, we’re in charge.” Warner nodded and asked, “Why? You want to join the show?”

“My wife is interested in the fashion show, so I just wanted to ask you for some tickets.”

“Oh, the ticket. It’s just a small matter. I’ll arrange it for you.” Warner agreed right away.

When Linville heard that, she nodded and said in a friendly tone, “I’ll bring you two in, so you can sit beside me during the show. My seat is the best place to see the whole show.” She was really not joking.

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