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Always Been Yours Chapter 896

Always Been Yours (Tessa and Nicholas)

Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Why Must You Be So Good-Looking?

“Since when do I need all of you juniors to teach me what to do?”

Kellen and Jenny were getting furious, looking at Eunice, who still hadn’t admitted to her mistake.

Seeing that, Marjorie came forward and said unhappily, “Okay, they’re not in the place to say anything, but I am, right? I don’t care what you have on your mind. Just behave yourself in the future. Don’t put Miss Sofia in a difficult position.”

Eunice’s expression was disgruntled. However, she didn’t dare rebuke the eldest senior on the team, so she suppressed her anger and answered, “Okay, okay. I know what I’m doing. I don’t need y’all to come here and teach me what to do.”

When the others noticed her reaction, they shook their heads secretly.

They had been working together for so many years, after all, so they knew exactly what kind of person Eunice was. It was obvious that she didn’t listen to anything they said.

Sofia noticed that too. She gave up on advising her and warned, “I don’t care whether you’re joking or not. Don’t use whatever antics you have saved up on our members. Otherwise, don’t blame me for the consequences.”

The smart Eunice could hear that Sofia was really enraged, so she pocketed her bad temper immediately. “Don’t worry, Miss Sofia. I’m really just joking. I just wanted to help Tessa to test whether her husband could be trusted.”

Although that was what she said, she was still eyeing Nicholas deep down. She wanted to own such an outstanding man as well.

In the manor, Tessa’s brows knitted as soon as she sent the guests off.

Flirting twice with Nicholas? Eunice definitely has a deep interest in him. She felt disgusted at this thought.

Likewise, Nicholas’ expression was awful as well; his face was completely darkened. He pulled Tessa back into the living hall and embraced her before saying, “Stay away from that woman.”

Hearing that, Tessa hummed and twisted herself out of his embrace.

She then lifted her head and looked at his good-looking face. Suddenly, she felt unhappy. “Why must you be so good-looking? This face attracts all the women. There are still women eyeing you even after we got married,” she said in jealousy while reaching out her hand to pinch his cheeks.

When Nicholas saw her reaction, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He let her pinch his face and found his jealous wife really adorable.

When Tessa stopped, only then did he embrace her again and lower his head to have his face near hers. “You got one thing wrong. I don’t care about other women. I just want to attract you…”

Tessa felt loved and blessed after hearing what he said. She then stared at his affectionate eyes and gave him a kiss.

The next morning, when the family was having breakfast, Nicholas told Tessa, all of a sudden, “You should go pack up after breakfast.”

“Pack up? Are you leaving?” Tessa was a little stunned and felt the sadness rising from the bottom of her heart.

Gregory looked at Nicholas sadly too, “Daddy, can you stay for two more days? I don’t want you to go.”

When Nicholas realized that they had misunderstood, he laughed and explained, “I’m not going back. It’s a holiday. I just want to take you two out for a trip.”

Hearing that, Gregory dropped his disappointment and said excitedly, “Yeah! Daddy’s bringing us out to play!”

Likewise, Tessa heaved a sigh of relief as well. Then, she asked, “Where do you plan to take us?”

“What about Milan?”

“I like that.” She smiled and nodded. “Oh, ya! I heard the orchestra members saying that it’s fashion week in Milan these few days. We can go take a look when we’re there.”

Nicholas agreed happily when he looked at her eyes, sparkling with excitement.

With that, the family left for the airport after breakfast. Before they left, Nicholas had asked Edward to arrange the schedule.

Soon later, they arrived in Milan that afternoon. Nicholas brought Tessa and Gregory to start their trip officially after a full night’s rest.

Their first stop was the Palazzo Brera. It was an art gallery built in the year 1776 with a collection of paintings by many Italian painters, including the masterpieces of Raphael, Tintoretto, Verona, and Caravaggio.

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