Always Been Yours Chapter 862

Always Been Yours (Tessa and Nicholas)

Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Progress

“Hey, Nicholas.” Wanda greeted him with a smile.

Nicholas nodded before asking her with an indifferent expression, “Do you need anything?”

“My employees aren’t sure of how to complete the document that you asked Mr. Jackson to send over this morning, and neither do I have enough experience in this area, so I can only ask you. I hope you can help me with it.”

At her words, although Nicholas thought that Wanda’s staff was inefficient, he did not refuse as it was a business matter. Hence, the two sat on the couch and began discussing.

“Over here, the framework clearly isn’t realistic…” Nicholas neatly pointed out the loopholes in the document in professional terms.

Wanda quickly made the corrections with a humble expression, then deliberately used the problems to extend the topic. In short, she had done this in order to spend some time alone with Nicholas.

However, Nicholas didn’t notice and patiently answered her questions. Of course, he did this because he didn’t want Wanda to look for him routinely in the future.

Unaware of his thoughts, Wanda looked at the man who was patiently answering her with eyes full of joy, and she couldn’t be happier. This counts as progress, right? Although they were just talking about business, Nicholas seemed to be more patient with her than before.

Later, at the end of the discussion, Wanda pretended to apologize and said, “I’m sorry for bothering you today. In the future, I’ll urge my employees to try not to have such problems at work again.”

She paused for a moment before continuing a little bashfully, “Although I’ll push my staff more, I still hope you’ll take care of me in the future. I’ve just started my company, so my staff aren’t skilled enough yet, and I’m also lacking in experience. I may have to trouble you for a little longer. I hope you won’t be too bothered by it.”

After hearing that Wanda was going to trouble him even more, Nicholas frowned greatly. He could understand that a novice like Wanda would have many questions, but if she looked for him every time she faced any problems, it would greatly impact his work efficiency. Moreover, he wanted to take advantage of this time to finish his work in advance and go to Vienna to meet Tessa and Gregory.

“In that case, I’ll send someone to Muller Group to assist you.”

After speaking, Nicholas decisively called Edward over and ordered, “Later, go to the secretary’s office and send a skilled person to follow Miss Muller and let them assist her in Muller Group for the time being.”

Glancing sideways at Wanda, Edward could guess what Nicholas was thinking. Instantly, he took his orders with a nod and went out to make the necessary arrangements.

However, Wanda looked at Edward’s back as he left, and asked after a moment of hesitation, “Isn’t this too much trouble?”

Although she said that, she was secretly rejoicing on the inside, thinking that Nicholas had already begun to pay attention to her, and that if she worked harder, she might be able to snatch him back from Tessa. However, she wasn’t aware that the reason why he arranged things this way was that he didn’t want her to bother him with these trivial things too often.

Not long after, Edward returned and reported, “President Sawyer, the staff has been arranged. They will report to Muller Group tomorrow.”

“Good. If you face any more troubles, just ask the secretary to handle it.”

The latter words were obviously directed at Wanda.

Feeling grateful, Wanda smiled and changed the topic. “By the way, Old Master Sawyer invited me over for dinner in the evening. Do you want to come with me? Old Master Sawyer would be very happy to see you.”

“I’m going to meet with a client tonight, so I don’t have time to go back.” Without even considering it, Nicholas refused indifferently.

He couldn’t be clearer about Remus’ intention behind inviting Wanda for dinner, and he naturally wouldn’t give him the opportunity.

On the contrary, although Wanda had expected this answer a long time ago, she still felt a little downcast. Still, her expression remained the same, and she pretended to be understanding as she replied, “Business is more important. We can just have dinner next time.”

Nicholas pretended not to hear and asked coldly. “Is there anything else?”

His words implied that she could go if she didn’t need anything else, and Wanda naturally understood what he meant. In an instant, her excited heart turned cold again.

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