A few years ago, celery was used as a remedy, since its root favorably affects the functioning of the cardiac system and helps to get rid of arrhythmia, and also slows the aging process, while the stalk of the plant strengthens the body and counteracts the appearance of viral and infectious diseases, with This helps to improve mood.

Nowadays it is widely used during the preparation of various dishes, because it has excellent taste qualities.

In addition to the fact that it contains a lot of vitamins, daily use of celery improves the digestive system, and also contributes to the removal of harmful accumulations, which in turn prevents the occurrence of inflammatory processes.

People who want to lose weight, this vegetable can not be replaced, because, despite the low content of calories, it gives a feeling of satiety. Since it has virtually no side effects and it does not cause allergies, it can be introduced into the diet of baby food, starting from one and a half years.


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