Among the great variety of berries that ripen in the middle of summer, special attention should be paid to the currant.

In addition to being very tasty, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in the currant, so try to use it every day, if possible, and also prepare for the winter, especially since it lends itself to freezing without losing its useful properties.

Due to the fact that this berry lowers blood pressure, it is simply not replaceable for people suffering from hypertension, because with its help it is possible to avoid pressure drops. Currant, especially black, significantly improves the work of the heart, because potassium strengthens the heart muscle.

People who have problems with the nervous system, sleep, and also often are irritable, currant will help to normalize the condition. Also, this berry favorably affects the work of the intestines, preventing inflammation, while clearing it of harmful accumulations. With colds, it helps to lower the temperature and strengthen immunity.


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