Much is said about how to do warm-ups and keep yourself in shape, if you work, is to sit in one place.

And that’s what to do for those who are on their feet the whole working day?

The feeling of fatigue comes to every person depending on the type of load. But if the work consists only in physical strength, then the strength after it is much easier to restore than after a brainstorm.

But fatigue in the legs, which for six or eight hours did not have the opportunity to relax, affects in the near future on the condition of veins and overall endurance of the body. To help yourself, you need several times a day to perform simple exercises to change the position of the muscles and disperse blood through the veins and blood vessels.

People who stand all day, coming home, must certainly do a relaxing massage to their feet and take a herbal bath. This will allow for some time to get rid of fatigue and pain. Another very good remedy for fatigue in the legs, is lying on your back to lift your legs above the body and lie down for a while. Outflow of blood, will allow as soon as possible to mix fatigue with pleasant sensations in the legs.


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