We all look forward to the start of the holiday, during which we will go to the sea with the whole family.

The places in the hotel have already been booked, the suitcases are collected, it remains to be instructed with the child how to behave during the journey and leisure.

In addition to the fact that during the trip it is worth to be more vigilant and attentive, especially in places of large crowds, it is also necessary to pay attention to the rest itself.

In addition, that exposure to sunlight can cause skin burn, especially this is true for the first time days on the beach, danger can lie in the water, such as jellyfish. Their species is a huge number, and among them there are poisonous, contact with which you can also get a burn.

If the body of an adult person is easier to tolerate such a bite, then for the child this can be dangerous, because, in addition to the pain sensations, there is often an allergy in the form of rashes on the skin. And sometimes there are cases when convulsions begin, there is a problem with the respiratory organs, and without intervention of the doctor here is indispensable. Therefore, during the bath constantly be next to the child.


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