Almost every family has its own pets, who become real members of the family after a certain time.

But to great regret in some cases, the owners have to part with their favorites, because of an unexpected attack of allergic reactions.

It is possible that the disease was received far beyond the features of the apartment or even brought from another country, but living in the same room with animals becomes unbearable.

Then the decision is made to give the animal in good hands to friends or relatives. In some cases, shelters are the second home. And this is a very correct decision, despite the fact that the feeling of regret will remain in the soul for a very long time.

An animal that has become attached to its owner will certainly be bored for a while, but with proper care and good attitude it will quickly recover. For our lesser brothers, separation is not as sad as it is for people. Therefore, if there is a choice between health and your favorite pet, always choose the side of your health.


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